If you’ve ever felt stuck, you know the pain and frustration of wanting SOMETHING to change but not having a clue – or maybe the courage – to change what you KNOW needs to change. We all KNOW what it is. But we don’t want to give it up…


We don’t want to give up our sugar. (Don’t we work hard and deserve something sweet?)
We don’t want to give up our crappy relationship. (Because we don’t want to be alone.)

We don’t want to give up our anger. (Then we’d have to forgive.)

We don’t want to give up our tv. (What’s the big deal?)

We don’t want to give up our money. (This is all we have.)

We don’t want to give up our excuses. (We would have to DO something.)

And on it goes…


Every single decision you make has a trade-off.



You decide to go to the market, you can’t fit in your walk.

You stuff your day with tasks, you don’t get to rest.

You blame someone for the situation you are in, you don’t experience peace of mind.

You struggle with finding something to wear , you don’t feel thin enough, pretty enough…good enough.


There’s always a trade-off.

Every time we say yes to one thing, we are saying no to something else.


But most of us live as if there are no consequences to the decisions we make.



We know when we lash out at our kids…it’s bad. We know when we beat ourselves up it only lowers are self-confidence. We know when we keep choosing the same behavior day after day we will get the same results.

Watch tv for three hours every night there’s a good chance you won’t have an fun active social life. Or find love. Or feel empowered. Or ….


Avoid talking to anyone who makes you feel insecure will only have you hanging around people who don’t force you to grow.


Refusing to face your fears will only make you numb.



Ask yourself.


Are the decisions you making today going to create the future you want tomorrow?