What’s the difference between waiting and anticipating?

To me…everything.

Waiting is just that…waiting. Doing nothing.

Waiting could mean ignoring the situation or perhaps looking over your shoulder to take a peek but doing nothing about it.

Fear likes you to keep waiting. It doesn’t want you to prepare. Waiting likes to see guaranteed results before any actions are taken.

Many times while we are waiting we are actually looking for reasons why it won’t work out so we can let ourselves off the hook if our dreams don’t materialize. It is the blame period. The time we find the culprits, including ourselves, to blame if “IT” doesn’t happen.

Anticipating combines faith, proactive behaviors and a lot of breathing. Now, it may look to some that while I am in anticipation I am doing nothing but I beg to differ.

I write in my journal keeping track of feelings and emotions. I breathe, take walks and have been going to a movie or two. During that down time, I am actively preparing the space within me to expand when my dream starts showing itself to the world. That is anything but waiting.

I am preparing myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I am cultivating the stillness within.

Anticipation is done joyfully knowing that all is well no matter what the results.

Waiting wants results before one can be happy. Waiting is boring. Anticipation is anything but.

There is much work to do (and that may be doing a lot of resting) when one is preparing for the next phase of their life whether you know what that next phase is. Do you know where you will be a year from now? Me neither but I can anticipate good and act accordingly. I can talk to others in joy rather than regret. I can be present in this moment as I am learning new facets of being me.

Now I am not talking about running around doing a bunch of senseless activities or resting because you don’t want to do anything. Anticipation has meaning and purpose inside each moment. I am not saying do anything! I am saying do something that is aligned with who you are becoming. For some, that may be resting more. For others, it may be starting an exercise program. Still more may want to get to work for the first time in their lives.

When we are talking about activity we want it to originate from fearlessness and in anticipation that life works FOR US.

So what are you anticipating? Or what have you been waiting for?  If you have been waiting, I challenge you to move towards anticipation.

Fearbuster Exercise:

Ask yourself:

If your dream did happen are you ready for it to come true? Are you prepared, to the best of your ability (let’s face it, we can never FULLY prepare) or are you waiting to see the results before you make an effort?

Think about it.

Are you waiting or anticipating? Are you at a stand still inside and out? Or are you still inside and moving on the outside? When you are still inside the outside can take actions that are based in freedom.

When we wait, we are in fear.