Don’t hide. Tell yourself the truth. Or should I say, allow your soul to tell yourself the truth. It is calling you ever forward…


This is what I know: The more I live in alignment with who I was meant to be, (who I secretly prayed I could be), my life works.

The more I judge myself, compare myself to others, look over my shoulder, worry about the future, fret if I’m doing the “right” thing, the more I am in pain and the more I suffer.


And the more I am in pain and the more I suffer, the more I do not believe I can have my dream, be my better self. The pain and suffering keep me stuck in the fear of moving forward. What started out as a little concern has now turned into a big giantic monster of doubt.

Has that ever happened to you?


There’s a big difference between honoring your feelings and indulging your fears. The first is grounded in the fact that you are energy and energy has to move and it’s through your feelings that it happens. The latter dwells on, builds on your fears and uses your resistance to those fears, (you aren’t letting them just move through you but hanging on to them for dear life), to stop the flow from happening. That’s when you get stuck.


You have so much more power than you know.


Do not hide your imperfections. Love them. Embrace them. Allow the lessons they are here to give you be used to BENEFIT you, not hold you back.


Here is a BONUS Fearbuster Exercise:


Practice watching your feelings today. Do not ACT on them. Just watch them. Do not make up stories about them. Do not dwell on them. Just watch them. This exercise will change your life.