Dear Present Self

Thank you for having the courage to admit
that you want MORE….

to live more true in your business,
in your family, in your relationships, in your life!

Thank you for having the courage to DECIDE
to DO something about it.

Thank you for taking action now and
no longer waiting for “someday.”

It’s good to say THANK YOU to YOU for all that YOU are now
willing to do to give the FUTURE YOU (that’s me) your best shot at an AMAZINGLY, FANTASTICAL FUTURE.

Thank you. Let’s get fearless!

Feels good right?

By the way, do you know most people wait 6 years before they DO something concrete to change a problem? SIX YEARS!

And it gets worse. In a research study that followed folks who wanted to make changes in their lives (after they figured out they wanted to – after SIX YEARS – gulp)…the ability to SUCCEED had varying rates between 12% and 85% success rate.

Wanna know the difference?


Without a mentor who can support and guide you through the process of change – someone who has actually DONE IT – you have a 12% chance of success. 12%!!! That sucks!

After all your hard work and desire and effort, 12%!!!!

Geez Louise. That’s not good enough.

So want to be one of the folks who succeeds 85% of the time?

Yep, You guessed it.

GET A MENTOR who will SUPPORT and GUIDE you.
Who has DONE what you want WANT TO DO. 85% rate of success. I like those numbers much better.

If you are ready to be inspired by your own greatness
or motivated to act with more authentic integrity
than ever before and make the changes you know

Let me support you.

Without support, you only have a 12% chance
to achieve your goal this year. If you get support,
PLUS a proven method your ability to achieve your goals
change from 12% to 85%. I will give you both!

Like I said, I got you covered…

Thank you for your courage.