Martha Pasternack

Martha Pasternack

Welcome and thank you for acting on your interest in learning about living fearlessly. Today, right now, I see a world at Peace, where Love and Kindness prevail, for my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I am happy to share my vision as you explore fearless possibilities for yourself.

I honor this vision by practicing full time as a Certified Fearless Living Coach and Consultant with people across the Nation. Fearless Living Coaching is a beautiful way for us to walk in peaceful freedom, guided by Love, and in community with others who desire to do the same. In a coaching relationship, we learn tangible and practical ways to master (not just manage) fear and open to limitless possibility.

This brings Love and peaceful aliveness to each of us. I also honor my understanding of what Love is about by supporting the unity of Spirit with the Soul, the Head with the Heart and the Song with the Prayer all within the embrace of the Circle of Life. In what I call “Gentle Medicine”, I integrate 30+ years of professional experience with conventional and alternative health care modalities as a nurse and Nurse Practitioner into my coaching practice.

If all we have is the present moment, where will YOU find joy?

Let’s explore that question together. Schedule your Bonus (it's free) Coaching Session by clicking the button below.

May you walk with the Gentle Medicine of Peace and Freedom.