This is a part of a special FLTP Blog Series, that follows Two Fearless Living Training Program students as they documented their journey going through the program each week. Laurie Weaver created the beautiful images and Juile Panhke Nelson wrote about her experience, both inspired by each week while in the FLTP program.

FLTP Week 8

Guest Blog Piece, Julie Jahnke Nelson


My mind is clearer.

The clutter in my head is gone.

I’m able to do things without overthinking them.

The combination of everything I’ve learned during these past 8 weeks – no complaining, having intentions, expressing gratitudes, acknowledging myself, knowing I’m NOT incompetent, and that I AM courageous – these things have made all the difference. I’ve noticed a huge change in myself.

I’m taking a writing class online and a financial planning class (Financial Peace University) at work, I’m eating better, and I’m writing. There’s no more “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have energy” or “I don’t feel like it.” Those were all excuses. Now that I know that, when I catch myself making excuses, I stop and ask myself what’s really going on, and then I’m able to do the things I want to do. Now, I make the time, I have more energy, and I feel like doing more.

This training program is the real deal. I wouldn’t be writing if it wasn’t for Rhonda and the FLTP program. Before FLTP, I dreamed, hoped and wanted to write, to finish something, but I just couldn’t, and yet I couldn’t explain why. How could I want something so bad for so long and yet not do it? What was stopping me?

I learned it was a combination of excuses, beliefs, perceptions, not being willing to forgive, blaming, expectations, and thinking I was incompetent. But through forgiveness (of myself and others), intentions, and my wheel of freedom, I’m finally able to write, and move forward with other things I’ve been putting off.

I uncluttered and organized my office, set up my printer, and the online class I’m taking focuses on assignments that lead to results – writing, researching, and submitting query letters to magazines. I also found writing tools that make writing fun and easy to do anytime, anywhere, like my iPad mini with the Evernote app.

I feel alive and free and energetic, and I’m so excited about my future. This is possible for me. It’s already happening, and it will only get better as I finish the last couple weeks of the program and continue to use the Fearless Living tools.

Change is good.

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