We all want peace of mind. Many of us think if we just get that promotion we will finally have financial peace of mind. Some of us think we if are create the perfect piece of art that we will be peaceful creatively. While others think if we could finally get over what others think of us we would truly have peace of mind.


All of that is true yet not the whole truth.


You have probably heard that peace of mind is an inside job. I would agree yet how we find out if we have peace of mind is by living IN the world.


If we isolate, deny or avoid life the illusion of peace of mind is easier to claim because when you live in la-la land and pretend you have no problems you can pretend you have peace of mind. But that’s not true peace of mind.


Peace of mind is ones ability to let go, stay centered and be at peace with any decision and/or outcome in ones life. I didn’t say you would like everything that happens in your life, I said you would be at peace with it.


Being peaceful doesn’t mean you get everything you want whenever you want it.


Having peace of mind does not rely on any one thing happening to make your life work. It only relies on your ability to remain centered no matter what is going on around you or within you.


Another signpost that you have peace of mind is your ability to trust that everything is working out for your greatest good whether you can see it or not. It is a skill to see the best in any situation and one that does not come naturally to most yet one that is invaluable if peace of mind is what you are after.


Think about peace of mind today.


How does your journey towards your dream/goal/project give you peace of mind? What is it teaching you about peace of mind?