I believe in women.
I believe that women give life to the very air we breathe.
I believe that women are the heartbeat of this world.
And, I believe that women are responsible for more success in this world than could ever be measured.

From the years, “we stood behind our man” to today where we can stand in the sunlight with no guilt, no shame, no holding back as ourselves, living true to ourselves.

From the times when we put ourselves second in the name of the children, and now know that to be good role models for our kids we must be a role model to our selves.

To the moments when we learned to say ‘no’ and ‘me too’ and ‘that doesn’t work for me.” To the times we cried and shed our past. To the days we stood up and showed up and did what we had to do.

Our voice. Our body. Our power. Our life.

All of it is yours and mine.

No one can give it to us.

No one can take it away.

It is ours. We, the women of this world.

Today and everyday, celebrate the women in your life.

If you’re a woman, I celebrate you. For all your scars, your pain, and your past. I celebrate you for being here today…being you! Fearlessly!

Together, we can do more than we could ever do alone.

Let’s do this….I believe in you!