Set Yourself Free

Happy Fourth of July!

Freedom. My absolute favorite topic.

Today in the United States of America is the Fourth of the July, the day we celebrate our countries birth.

It took years to turn that dream into a reality. It took courage, and resilience, and heart. And it took a seed, a seed of a dream, a possibility, a yearning, a calling.

One person and then another joined in making this seed grow into something that was no longer crazy but actually possible.

Then eventually, thousands of people joined and soon, they were all moving in the same direction, all going TOWARDS a better future.

That’s one type of FREEDOM: the ability to move FORWARD towards a better life despite our circumstances or backgrounds or history.

And it starts with a seed. An inkling. A yearning. A desire for something different, something more, something better.

Do you have a seed inside of you that’s dying to be set free?

Maybe it’s a seed of creative passion that wants to grow into a book, or a painting or a song.

Maybe it’s a seed of robust health that wants to run again, feel fit again, feel strong again, feel vibrant and alive!

Maybe it’s the seed of lasting love that wants to be touched, and kissed and connected at the soul level where you’ll truly feel seen and adored.

Maybe it’s the seed of financial success that wants the security of money in the bank and knows that you can count on yourself to produce with confidence.

Whatever seed of a dream is trying to break free, it’s now time to take action and nurture that seed so you can move forward to become who you were meant to be. Who you were born to be.

It’s time to claim today as your FREEDOM DAY.

Declare your freedom from that limiting word: should.
Set yourself free from that voice that says you’re not good enough.
Push aside any doubt and hesitation and instead, listen to your heart and follow it’s directions.

Today, let’s declare it FREEDOM DAY for you and for me. There is no other person I’d love to watch grow than you.

Let’s do this…