Let’s face it: Fear kills.

Fear has probably killed a dream or two of yours.
May have killed off a relationship.
Probably even ended a friendship.

It ‘seems’ to have our best interest at heart – the trickster – but it never does.

Fear always asks you to choose the safe route, the route that includes shutting yourself down, telling yourself no (when you want to shout from the rooftops yes) and accepts your excuses as real, as facts.

Fear tells you that what you have is ‘good enough’ so be happy (even if you’re not. And it throws out that ‘be grateful’ thing too.)

Fear tells you that guilt works and worry is necessary.

Fear tells you that it’s not the ‘right’ time to go after your dream (And it doesn’t matter what that dream is. Fear has a perfectly sane rationale.)

There is a reason you are on my mailing list.

Remember when you first heard about Fearless Living?

I bet at the time there was SOMETHING that you WANTED to change about your life…

Has it changed?

Or are you repeating the same pattern over and over again?

Is there now something else that needs some radical overhaul in your life? Go on. Tell the truth.

(Fear always wants you to be slippery and figures out a way to convince you NOT to tell yourself the whole truth.)

Perhaps you listened to me on a telecall or maybe you read one of my books…I don’t know how you got here…BUT YOU GOT HERE.

Maybe I’m bias but I think everyone needs to learn how to master fear…imagine the world without fear. No really…imagine…

You see, I’ve thought about you a lot.

I’ve thought about what could be stopping you from the thing that everyone needs: to learn how to master fear?

Of course the answer is a duh:
fear is what’s stopping you.

But you’re smart. You gotta wanna, somewhere inside, want to get past your worry, guilt, self-sabotage, overwhelming, blah blah blah…You KNOW it’s fear…

So this is what I’ve come to:
You need more support.

You need to know I have your back.

That I’m going to be there for you 100% while you take this journey.

Support is critical to my success.

Without it, I wouldn’t take the risks I do in my life.

Support lets me know I am not crazy, stupid or wrong. Support shows me that someone has my back. Supports reminds me that I am worth risking for. That I am worth the time, energy and investment. ME.

Same goes for you.