Have you ever found yourself afraid to make a decision? Unsure you were making the RIGHT decision?

I know I wanted to make the RIGHT decision because I secretly believed that it would guarantee I would be successful and happy and my dream life would come true.

If I made the wrong decision, well, all hell would break loose. Money would be wasted. Time would disappear. And I would be left with a life that I didn’t love.

Every decision became SUPER IMPORTANT. Everyone felt VITAL to my happiness.

The problem was my head would tell me one thing while my heart would tell me another.

Why do my heart and head seem to be arguing non-stop? Why can’t I just trust myself? That was my intuition, wasn’t it? Follow it, I would scream.

For me, the hardest decisions were about love.

Is he really a jerk or am I just too demanding? He has made some really good points. Perhaps I should try to be softer and more understanding. Hadn’t I always been told I was “too much?” And now, wasn’t he just responding the same way everyone else did? It must be me!

And on it went. But that doubt didn’t stop at love. It would rear it’s head whenever I needed to make a BIG DECISION about my business goals, too.

Is it the right time to hire a second team member or am I getting ahead of myself? What if I hire someone and I don’t have the money to pay them?

There was always this back and forth, back and forth…and time was just ticking by. Or should I say, slipping by.

Then I would start to beat myself up.

What is wrong with you? You KNOW what you should do, why aren’t you doing it?

The need to make the right decision was killing my confidence and drowning out my drive. I felt stagnant. Lost. And just wished I knew the RIGHT answer.

Being right feels so good, doesn’t it? When I know I am right, I act quicker and with more determination. Don’t you?

The problem is: what is the sure-fire “right” thing to do? One answer might be “right” in one circumstance, and not so “right” in another.

Which is what kept me guessing.

Wanting to be right is a signal that you’re not trusting yourself.

Do you ever experience this? Do you find yourself stuck in no-man’s land doubting your decisions going around and around and around?

Do you find yourself waiting for a SIGN to give you the courage to act?

Would you like to stop chasing your tail and finally TRUST YOURSELF so you could make the decisions that are right FOR YOU?

When I trust myself, decisions are easy, almost effortless. I don’t go back and forth deciding and re-deciding. I don’t waste time wondering about every consequence of every step.

When I trust myself, I act. With clarity. And confidence. And I have a ton more courage TO act.

Life just gets a whole lost easier.

If you’re like me, trusting yourself is the difference between having a good day and a bad day. About being secure in your skin versus feeling like your skin is crawling. About following the true me versus getting caught up in the RIGHT thing to do.

Let me say it again, wanting to be right is a signal that you’re not trusting yourself. Not taking action that is aligned with your Fearless Voice is a sign you’re not trusting yourself.

That’s right: Your true voice. The true you. The real Fearless You underneath all those decades of bad decisions, people-pleasing, and wishing things were different.

When my voice is clear and strong, doubt evaporates and I am super clear what’s the right decision FOR ME. I know what to do.

I’m not afraid to put up boundaries, say no, say yes, claim my niche, own my story, follow my heart…I can do all that and more because I trust myself.

Trusting myself was key to creating Fearless Living, staying sane while I was going through the dark night, and changing lives in 600 episodes of television. TV will not wait for you to get clear, you must BE CLEAR and that can only come when you trust yourself.

And when I trust myself, I know who to trust and who not to trust.

This is why I’m teaching – for the first time (and maybe the last time) – Fearless You: The Voice of Freedom in Washington DC. Yes, it might be a plane ride. Yes, you’re gonna take two days out of your life and spend them with me. And yes, it’s still EARLY BIRD! (Save $100 bucks!)

Do you want to have more courage to speak up and say what’s true for you?

How about sharing feelings, and making requests and just admitting what you want?

Is there a message inside of you dying to get out?

Do you wish you could trust yourself more and take decisive action?

If the answer is yes, then come and learn all I know about how to claim your Fearless Voice. You do have one in there somewhere. Let’s find it together and unleash its power in a safe and loving place.

Let me know if you want to join me. I’m ready to share all I know…

Until next time, Be Fearless,

xxo Rhonda

p.s. By the way, decisions are one hundred percent easier now. My heart and head are aligned with my body and spirit. You too will be aligned when you join me for Fearless You: The Voice of Freedom.