For most of my life, (I have witnesses-yikes!),
I didn’t care a squat about happiness.

I thought happiness was superficial
and the only people who chased it
were those wishy-washy folks who
had no goals and nothing better to
do than day dream about being
“happy.” Yuck!

In fact, I so dissed happiness
that I used to roll my eyes
when anyone mentioned the word.

Ya know, the kind of eye rolling
that John Gottman
(relationship researcher and personal hero)
would say was DEADLY to any

I didn’t care. I thought my eye rolling
proved I was deep and serious
about life. Who knew I was just
so very unhappy.

Ugh! Hate that! Caught!

I get that I had plenty of
reason to be unhappy and,
I really believed for way too long,
that happiness was beyond my reach.

I thought I couldn’t be happy.
I didn’t have a right to be happy.
I hadn’t earned happiness.

So I told myself that happiness
was unattainable and anyone
who said different was just a
big fat liar…
but I was so very wrong.

(Life is sooo much better now
that I learned how to be fearless!)

Happiness matters.
Joy even more so.
(I will get to that
at a later date.)

And how do I know?
I’m happy. (And yes, joyful.)

Life is so much easier
when you are living in happy.

And ya know what?

I do deserve to be happy
for the simple reason
that I am alive.
Cheesy? Sure.
But true.

Give me ONE MINUTE and I will share
my definition of happiness.

And then I want to hear from you.

Please tell me what your definition of happiness is.