You are beautiful!

And sometimes you forget that.

Sometimes you don’t remember who you really are.
What you are truly capable of becoming.

I get it. Me too!

So tonight, on the longest night of the year…
when the world turns the darkest…
when the Mayan Calendar ends…
when the winter solstice is upon us…

It’s time to REMEMBER.

REMEMBER what is true.
REMEMBER what is real.
REMEMBER that you are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

The past does does not have to define you
or decide you or choose for you.

And if you are like me, the things that make me forget,
the things that make you forget, are the same.

You get sucked back into the past because:

You believe the past is more real than the present. (there is so much evidence)
You believe the lies you’ve been told. (they feel so real)
You believe the voice of fear when it tells you that you aren’t good enough. (hasn’t it been right before?)

You secretly, silently believe the past is proof of what can and cannot be.

Sure, we try to rationalize it all.
Pretend that we are more evolved than we are.
Act as if the past doesn’t matter.

But if you are like me, the past, and all those seeming mistakes you’ve made, come back to haunt you when what you want to do is MOVE FORWARD.

Let’s let it all go…
Let’s release ourselves from the bondage of the past
including all those seeming mistakes…

Let’s burn the past …