I know this might sound crazy but for most of my life, I was the last person I thought about so I would just go along with the crowd. I figured it was easier, and what did I care if we ate Mexican or Italian. I told myself I didn’t need a lot and I didn’t want to be “the problem.”

The truth was I didn’t know what I wanted, I didn’t know what I liked, I didn’t know who I was…not really. My voice was silent, even though some folks would have considered me loud. I wasn’t saying what I wanted to say. My actual words and feelings were stuffed waaay down. They were too scary to share.

I thought it was selfish to put my voice, myself, first. Or anywhere near the top of my list.

Everyone else’s voices were in my head and ran my life…but my voice? I didn’t find that for decades. Which meant, I didn’t trust myself for decades either.

Bottom line: I was living on the sidelines of my life.

Does this sound familiar?

If you’d like to get in the center of your life, if you’d like to hear your own voice, and start to include yourself in your own life…maybe even put yourself first? Then, join me for Fearless You: The Voice of Freedom.

Do this. For your future. For YOU! It’s time to hear your own voice over the roaring crowd that lives inside your head.