Are you sitting down?
I just finished reading a fascinating study that says…

Goals can be harmful.

Yep. Goals can be your downfall.


Check out this info about the HARM of goal-setting.
(yes, I said HARM)


From a bunch of smart professors (Harvard, etc) from Academy of Management Perspectives, states that, “the benefits of goal setting have been overstated and that systematic harm have been largely ignored.”

And what’s one of the ways you are doing “systematic harm” according to AMP, “Feeling overwhelmed is a common cause and inattentional blindness suggests that when a goal is too specific, you become so focused you may miss out on opportunities that pass by.

Did you see that? “overwhelmed”? Too focused? (who knew that could happen?!)

I feel so vindicated right now. YES!!! I’ve always suspected that. I have never been a gal who focuses on goals, goals, goals.

And I think you would agree that I’ve achieved a ton in my life. Yet, I have never set goals to achieve any of my results.

What I have done is set intentions. Not the airy-fairy kinds that make you feel good but have no punch.

See, I learned something years ago: Goals must be pliable. Goals must be able to change at the drop of a hat. (That’s different right? Forget rigid goals. That’s so old school! 🙂

Where’s the real power? Goals serving intention. Not the other way around.


So most people are running around thinking if they just picked the right goal, or wrote the perfect affirmation (I don’t use those either), THEN life will get easy, better.

All that law of attraction stuff.

Now, there is some merit to law of attraction but not the way most people teach it. The way most people teach it just makes you FEEL BAD.

Come on. YOU KNOW IT DOES! 🙂


So are you ready to change the path of your goals? That’s what Fearless Living is all about. Helping you live your life based on what YOU want and getting your goals to serve intention.


What are you waiting for?