You see it everywhere don’t you?

Classes on how to FIND love,
KEEP love, GET love, CHASE love,
RECEIVE love, and all the other
DO things when it comes to LOVE.

I love to learn. And I love to add
tools to my toolkit. Yet, I have
yet to see ONE CLASS that
focuses on the PRIMARY SKILL,

skill you need for Love.

See, if you know how to flirt.
That’s awesome. That is an
important skill in the dating phase.

But in order to move from a
single date to a full-blown
relationship or to be HAPPY
in any relationship…

You need to know this number
one skill.

Ask any happily in-bliss couple and
I bet you that if you ask them what is the

ONE SKILL that you need to be
happy in a relationship, they will say:

That’s right.


See, it’s not just me.

Are you a skilled COMMUNICATOR?

What does it mean to learn

It is having a process, a set
of skills, a way of working out a
problem, an ability to see your
side and their side, knowing
when to share (every time isn’t
the right time) and what to say
(no, it’s not all right to say everything
you think and everything you feel
whenever you think and feel it).

Learning how to COMMUNICATE
is the greatest gift you can
give to yourself if you want more
love in your life – to give it,
to receive it, to feel it.

It is our WORDS that define
and create who we are.

(Heck, even Law of Attraction,
Wayne Dwyer and the Bible
agree with me on that!)

Let’s face it, if you WANT¬†
love in your life, you can take
a great dating class (I teach one
as a matter of fact) but if you
don’t know how to connect and
communicate you will date for
what? A week? A couple months?

And it’s OVER. Kaput!

Feeling confident with your
words makes you feel safe
in your relationships…

When you know how to communicate
you know you can talk about the
difficult things that make a relationship
grow, make a relationship intimate,
and make YOU HAPPY!

You can take a class on ATTRACTING
love but if you can’t COMMUNICATE,
it won’t last.

You can get started with ONLINE DATING,
but if you don’t know how to
COMMUNICATE, you won’t
be such a good judge of character
since you will be so busy being
uneasy trying to figure out what to say.

See, my point?